To secure a booking for the evening wear of your choice a non-returnable booking fee of R500 will be taken which will then be deducted from the hire cost.

Full payment is required before/when you collect your dress by credit/debit card/cash/EFT. If you are paying via EFT, proof of payment must be presented and verified.

On collection of your dress we require a  security deposit. It is equal to the hire price. It will be refunded when the dress is returned on time and in an undamaged condition.

A rental generally last 3-4 days, giving you time to collect, wear and return easily.

In the event of damage to the dress, it must not be repaired by you. Please do not try to wipe/clean spillages as this makes the cleaning process more difficult. It is often necessary to hold the deposit until the dress has been cleaned. In some cases if the marks prove to be stubborn and the cleaners need to repeat the cleaning process the extra charge will be deducted from your deposit.

We advise that you do not wear bracelets, rings or watches etc that may catch on the evening wear and would affect the return of your deposit.

Dresses must be returned to the showroom on the date agreed. A charge may be made for late returns.

No refunds will be given for dresses not collected.

We accept credit/debit cards, EFT and cash. We are sorry but cheques are not accepted.